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About the Corridor

The East-West corridor extends 11 miles along the Dolphin Expressway/SR 836, between SW 147th Avenue and the Miami Intermodal Center. It is one of six corridors included in the county's premium transit vision, known as the Strategic Miami Area Rapid Transit (SMART) Plan. In October 2020, the Miami-Dade TPO Governing Board selected Bus Rapid Transit as the locally preferred alternative.

About the Study

This TOD study will establish a corridor-wide Master Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Master Plan. As part of this effort, detailed Station Area Plans will be created for four (4) stations on the corridor that maximize jobs, housing capacity, and commercial development. Please take a few minutes to provide your input by sharing your suggestions and insights on potential opportunities within the four station areas as highlighted on the map. Thank you for your participation.


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